The ship jumper

Well folks I’m jumping ships. The reason for this ship jump has nothing to do with pirates, but rather a change in life that my require a greater convenience in blogging. I started thinking the other day how I might best update the world while walking across the country and few options seemed feasible at all. The easiest being taking my cell phone (which will happen) and leaving it off most of the time except when I am near a plug and while I’m there calling a few choice people that need to know I’m alive. This however doesn’t allow those people who I may not think of during my 5 mins or so of phone time, not that you aren’t important, you just aren’t mom or Jenn. So I began scouring the web for an alternative and thus the birth of .:Promises for the Imperfect:. With this I will be able to update via email and I have created a mailing list anyone can join and be updated when I add a new post. So anywhere I can access an email account be it someones house or an internet cafe even if they have filtered internet that my not let me access to the “blogging sphere” I will be able to update. So this will most likely be the last update for xanga.

.:Promises for the Imperfect:.
Xang Off

And for all those with questions ChaCha

Promises for the Imperfect never happened, cause well…Facebook did.   Also, I only lasted 3 days on the road.

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